Step Onto The Mat

“Step out of your comfort zone,
step onto the mat,
and seize your destiny.”

One dream… One chance… One Moment…

Eighteen years of trials, triumphs and tears came down to a final instant for Kevin Asano. His journey began as a seven year old boy in a judo dojo in Okinawa… It ended as a man competing for gold in Seoul, Korea. Kevin embraced the elation of winning while being mercilessly taunted by doubts and disappointments. Yet always, he was certain it was his destiny. He was compelled beyond himself to “step onto the mat.”

Finally, Kevin’s childhood dream of competing in the world’s most prestigious sporting event was staring him in the face. Thousands packed the international arena, yet his only concern was to please an audience of One.

When you face your moment, your dream, your chance, there is only one question:

Will you step onto the mat?

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