Welcome to the Step Onto The Mat website.

The idea of using my personal, judo, and business insight to help bring transformation in people’s lives started nearly 20 years ago. After the 1988 Olympic Games, I retired from competitive judo. I knew God had given me a gift and platform through judo so I wanted to use to use it to help influence the broader community both inside and outside of judo.


I believe everyone has a purpose and unique calling in life. In my last year in college I had three seemingly divergent paths to pursue and couldn’t decide which one to take. I either wanted to become a business entrepreneur, focus on coaching and promoting judo, or be a Christian minister. A mentor encouraged me to pursue all three endeavors and over time one would naturally show itself as the prominent path. After 20 years I discovered my unique platform in life where I now incorporate all three platforms to help people. 


My personal mission statement is to help others discover their God-given calling and to pursue it with all their hearts. My book Step Onto The Mat is a vehicle to share the message that every individual can live a life with purpose and achieve true success. My desire is that you will live a life of true success and significance.



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